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Message from your leader!

Dec. 19 - we're headlining at schubas! This show is _really_ important to us for a variety of reasons (including the fact that a booking agent may be coming to see us) so it is so soooo important to us that we get a good turnout. If there's anyway you Chicago/suburbs/champaign/peoria/etc. people can make it, we would be so so grateful! As many of you know, I'm paranoid as fuck about headlining and this is the first show I've ever booked in CHicago w/ us as the headlining band so that's really scary for me. We did end up headlining a schubas show last january but that was b/c the headlining band dropped off. I pouted for about a month b/c I was scared that there'd be like 50 people there. It ended up selling out but a lot of that was b/c we got a _lot_ of press for that show. Unfortunately, we can't really push for press for this show b/c we need to save it for when the record comes out (tentative apr 20 release date by the way!). So anyway, I know there are holiday parties and stuff but if there's any chance you can make it, it'd mean a lot to us. A great band called New Constitution(ex-Wolfie) is playing the second slot (they have a song that goes "hot hot so hot, hot hot YEAH!" that I've inexplicably had stuck in my head for 18 months) and a band called Runner and the Thermodynamics is playing first and I've been hearing _great_ things about them - they might be next for the NYC hype bandwagon. While I would _love_ for this show to sell out, I don't necessarily think it will. On the other hand, it never occurred to me that last year's show would sell out and I felt really bad that some people couldn't get in so it wouldn't hurt to buy advance tickets at schubas.com.
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