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updated shows

Jan. 26 Bowling Green, OH Howard's

From the band's mailing list:

Jan. 27 Lansing, MI Mac's Bar w/ Bound Stems
Jan. 28 Cleveland, OH Beachland w/ Say Hi To Your Mom
Jan. 29 Crown Point, IN Java Joz
Feb. 1 Iowa City, IA Gabe's Oasis
Feb. 2 Mpls, MN Triple Rock Social Club
Feb. 3 Mpls, MN U. of Minnesota, the Whole (18+)
Feb. 4 LaCrosse, WI the Warehouse

Mar. 11 Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge
Mar. 15 Austin, TX Velvet Spade Patio - SXSW showcase
Mar. 17 Houston, TX Walter's w/ Say Anything
Mar. 19 Phoenix, AZ Modified Arts w/ Kissing Tigers
Mar. 20 San Diego, CA the Casbah
Mar. 21 Claremont, CA Scripps College (early all-ages)

*come say hi to us at www.myspace.com/thereputation and
www.purevolume.com/thereputation (there's an unreleased demo up!)
*order Rep Cd's, shirts, buttons, posters at www.reputationmusic.com
*join the Reputation's open listserve at groups.yahoo.com/group/thereputation to
hear news first, some unreleased Mp3's, etc.
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